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 Visit us on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm in The Rainbow Project, 23-31 Waring Street, Belfast BT1 2DX. We look forward to seeing you! And remember, you needn’t have any experience dressing, you can turn up dressed, you can choose not to dress or you can dress at the Project. Whatever you’re comfortable with! 

You can send a letter, phone or email us:


98 University Street
Northern Ireland


Helpline:  07704799352

Privacy statement

Article 7 of the Belfast Butterfly Club’s constitution states – “A confidential record of the membership shall be kept for the purpose of maintaining contact between the members. This record shall not be disclosed to anyone outside the membership under any circumstances.”

Any personal information you freely provide is securely stored off-line in a secret location within the European Union. It cannot be accessed by any third party.