In this section of the Website several different publications are linked below. These publications have been produced by many different organisations and people and may provide valuable insight for trans people in NI.

1. An Equality Commission publication on (trans) Discrimination at Work and how they can help you: Click Here

2. Standard Application for Gender Recognition Certificate: Click Here

3. General Guide to the Gender Recognition Application: Click Here

4. How your pension and benefits may be affected: Click Here

5. Guidelines for the Care of Trans* Patients in Primary Care: Click here

6. The Experiences of Gender Variant Children Living in Northern Ireland: Click Here

7. Healthcare Issues for Trans People Living in Northern Ireland: Click Here

8. The Belfast Butterfly Club also created two different publications in 2001 and 2007 which can be viewed here:
BBC – Transgender 2001
BBC – Transgender Symmetry 2007 


Click on the underlined text to view the document:
Reviews and Articles:

Linda’s Review of The New Girlfriend
Charley’s Review of Jesus Queen of Heaven
Charley’s Review of “Queen of Ireland”
Charley’s Article About Interviewing Laxmi, a Celebrity Hijra in India: Click Here!


For Fun!:
Linda’s Word of Warning about Taking Christmas Songs TOO Literally! On the First Day of Christmas!


Charley’s Poem They are Known to Us for Transgender Day of Remembrance. 


Michael’s Evidence for the Trans Equality Inquiry
Charley’s Summary of the Gender Policy Meeting held by the Equality Commission.